Playlist Pump PR Agency

Combining digital PR, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing strategies and with access to over 250 well-known curators across playlists – Wilson is not only an artist and singing teacher, he also runs an agency for music artists that has developed a systematic approach to provide artists with the same opportunities they would only get if signed to a major label or paid large sums of money to Publishers and additional professional advertising agencies.

Playlist Pump PR Agency also focuses on working with curators, bloggers and music fanatics to develop new playlists and platforms to share their favourite music. They already work with many labels, both Australian and international.

playlist pump pr director Wilsonn wearing sunglasses

It’s not just artists who benefit from Spotify streaming, it’s the curators, music lovers and the average person who simply creates a new Spotify account and is looking for fresh new music. They create more opportunities for music lovers to showcase their favourite music and actually make a living from this by helping them build their brand and platform, working closely with them to increase their following and supplying them with the best new music available.

Major labels are frequently pitching tracks to Spotify playlists to dramatically increase online streaming; however, recently, it has been reported that this practice was not always in the best interests of the listener! At PlayList Pump, we in no way engage in any form of Payola, instead, we work with the artist increasing their chance of getting onto a large curator playlist therefore assuring them of real grassroots listeners and potential lifetime followers.

Spotify announced that one in six people in Australia use their service, Billboard magazine has reported that due to online streaming, the music industry is beginning to enter a new age and progress, with an estimated 18.3 million subscribers to online music generating more 8.1% more revenue in the first six months of 2016 compared to the previous year.

The Brag Media – Wilsonn

Australian artist WILSONN to debut an interactive music video AR filter for Instagram – set to auction as an NFT

Billboard charting and award-winning Soul Modern/Universal Music Australian artist, WILSONN is set to make history, bringing us the very first Australian interactive music video using an AR Filter for Instagram stories.

Not familiar with an alternate reality (AR) filter on social media? Essentially it allows you to superimpose computer-generated video in your instagram stories. So yes, things are about to get a whole lot more interactive around here.

To bring this cutting-edge technology into existence, WILSONN, who is also the CEO of Playlist Pump PR Agency, worked with digital creative, AR Filter designer, Laurent Marcus.

WILSONN said “I am so grateful to be able to work with an amazing digital creative Laurent Marcus who I was introduced to by a good friend of mine. We wanted to think outside the box and do something that hasn’t really been done before in this country. Laurent had the idea and concept and I had the song and vision for it, and we made it work!”

Universal Music Publishing Group – Wilsonn (Standing Floors)

Wilsonn with the release of ‘Standing Floors’. The Sydney artist has been making waves with his charming and buttery vocals, drawing influence from the likes of Frank Ocean, Miguel, Daniel Caesar and H.E.R, making him a quintessential match for Soul Modern. Adding their RnB textures and groovy production to the vibrant new single, is Grammy nominated duo Christian Rich, who have produced and co-written records for the likes of Childish Gambino, Drake, Earl Sweatshirt, Lizzo and Kanye.

The single about persistence and never giving up, Wilsonn elaborates: “’Standing Floors’ was written for the Warriors of this world. The outcasts, the dreamers, the ones who take no for an answer, whether it be in struggles in personal life or professional life, The ones that are never afraid of failing to grow!  This song is for them, the ones who never give up!!”

Wilsonn’s infectious vocals began earning praise back in 2017 when he released his mixtape titled ‘Idiocentric’, which led the artist to be recognized by a number of major online outlets including The Music Ninja, EDM Sauce, and This Song Slaps. Turning heads within the Australian RnB scene, he’s gone on to further embed himself as an eclectic singer, songwriter, and producer, releasing his debut single ‘Even If I Know’ in 2018, which scored blog support from Earmilk, EDM Sauce, and Stoney Roads. Outside of his own singles, he’s continued to write records for various artists including Mau5trap artist Attlas for ‘Batch’ which went top #10 on Billboard electronic charts.